Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pizza with Grapes and Pine Nuts

This pizza was inspired by David Rocca, whom I happened to catch on the Cooking Channel one afternoon.  He did a whole episode of pizzas and I was curious to see the way he did them.   There was no confusion on this particular pizza as to whether it is a dessert pizza. . .it most definitely is!  I started this pizza with a basic pizza dough that I had made in the breadmaker and then prebaked for 7 minutes.  While the crust was prebaking I put some pine nuts in the oven with it so they could be toasting.  Watch them carefully!  They burn extremely fast, which I unfortunately learned while ruining my first batch! 

Over the crust I arranged green grapes that had been sliced in half.  I then scattered on the toasted pine nuts.  Over these I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar and drizzled a small amount of honey.  I baked it for an additional 8 minutes.  Mike and I thought it was very good, but slightly bland.  The next day at lunch we drizzled some of the leftover pizza (leftovers? That was a clue that this pizza was lacking) with a powdered sugar glaze similar to what you would find on cinnamon rolls. That was much more to our liking. 
We watched the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics while enjoying this treat.  We thought the Queen being escorted in by James Bond was very clever, and Mr. Bean was pretty funny, but the smokestacks and the tribute to the industrial revolution left us a little flat. The fireworks at the end and the lighting of the torch were absolutely spectacular.  I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics!

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