Saturday, September 22, 2012

Greek-Inspired Stromboli

I saw a recipe for stromboli in the pizza cookbook, but it called for fiery-red pesto which I was definitely not going to do again!  (See my post on "Pizza con Pancetta") The recipe gave me inspiration, though, to try and create my own stromboli.  My first question was, what is the difference between stromboli and calzone? 
My sweet husband researched it and we found that calzone is a round sheet of dough with filling on one half and then the other half of the dough folded over and sealed.  Stromboli is a rectangular sheet of dough with filling spread over all but the outer half inch or so.  The entire thing is rolled, the ends sealed, and then placed on a baking sheet with the seam on the bottom.  I kneaded some chopped black olives into my basic dough and then divided it into four.  I rolled out each into a 7 x 10 rectangle on parchment paper.  Since the recipe in the book called for fiery-red pesto, I thought I would try basil pesto instead.  I spread the pesto on each and then scattered a bit of fresh rosemary.  I topped this with some sliced black olives and then arranged some slices of roasted yellow bell pepper that I had prepared earlier.  I roasted the peppers by rubbing each with a small amount of olive oil and then putting them under the broiler, turning them often so the entire pepper was blackened.  I then peeled off the skin, removed the seeds, and sliced the peppers.   I was using basil pesto and black olives, and being inspired by the Greek theme I thought feta cheese would be the perfect complement to these flavors.  After the addition of the cheese, I rolled each stromboli from the small end, ending with the seam on the bottom and placed them on a baking sheet.  They were covered with plastic wrap and allowed to rise for 20 minutes before being baked at 400 for about 18 minutes. 

We watched Larry Crowne, a romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.  It is the story of a man who loses his job and tries to start over by going to college. 
In reality probably not an uncommon story given the state of our nation! It was a cute movie for a date night, but not exactly academy-award material.

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